Since 1954, Fellowship of Christian Athletes has become one of the largest sports ministries by focusing its endeavors inside American borders. But a call to be a part of something much larger beckoned.

In this case, something much larger meant an opportunity to reach the 96 percent of the world that lives outside of the United States. It meant becoming a blessing to the world.

It meant following God’s call to make disciples of all nations.

FCA started to reach out internationally in 2007 by sending mission and training teams to start sports camps in countries that were ready to develop sports programs. The opportunities continue to grow and expand as we help sports leaders build sports ministry within their country.

FCA opportunities include training trips, mission trips, and vision trips with the goal to help develop sport ministry including camps, chaplaincy, campus ministry, and team ministry. Additionally, we have internship opportunities for those that want to serve for a longer period of time.

Over the past few years, FCA’s sports ministry relationships have continued to grow worldwide. Ministry in Asia continues to expand; Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines and India all have sports ministries operating with FCA assistance. There are relationships beginning to grow throughout Central and South America, Columbia, Haiti, South Korea and Ukraine and FCA staff and associates are spreading the gospel in Israel, Columbia, Haiti and Ukraine. Additionally, FCA is working with other sports ministry organizations in several other countries.

Mission trips are growing in regularity, with local FCA offices like Atlanta FCA leading the way, sending teams to South Africa, India, Egypt, Kenya, Israel, Ghana, Mexico, Ukraine, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Honduras.

FCA Camps Expanding

Nowhere is FCA’s international momentum more obvious than through its camps. In 2012, 48 of the 363 total FCA Camps were held across 21 countries outside the United States. More than 10 percent of the 52,010 campers participated in an FCA Camp outside of the U.S.

The growth of international FCA Camps from just one in 2007 to 48 a few short years later illustrates the point that God is using FCA to grow His Kingdom across borders.

Sports camps are foreign to most countries. They don’t have many camps like we have in America. Part of the reason FCA Camps work as well overseas as they do in the United States is the fact that all FCA Camps, regardless of location, are trained and resourced by FCA.

There are great opportunities to reach others through sports, because in most nations, if a person has experience as a coach or athlete on any organized level, that person is seen as an expert.

Internships Making an IMPACT

Camps are just one aspect of the FCA IMPACT internship, an eight-week program in Italy and South Africa that exposes college students to sports ministry and leadership opportunities. The internship was created to give college students a heart for sports ministry and the world. Along with camp responsibilities, IMPACT interns have an opportunity to work with Huddle leaders in every aspect of FCA ministry in their location.

We Want You

FCA is growing and expanding around the world as we serve the nations. In order to do that, we need called and committed people who want to make a difference. FCA would love for you to consider being a part of FCA International.

FCA’s goal isn’t just to do international ministry, rather become an international ministry. Join us as we serve the people of sport around the world.