International Sports Ministry Internship

(Partners: SportQuest, FCA, Operation Mobilization, Sport for Christ Action South Africa)


College students and/or post graduates from any country who are interested in sports and ministry and learning how to combine them to impact the world for Christ. Applicants must be approved by program directors.


A nine week internship program where participants will be exposed to and serve in global sports ministry in South Africa. Interns will gain a global perspective of international sports ministry while developing character and leadership skills in this cross-cultural learning environment which combines classroom teaching with hands-on training. There is a large emphasis on discipleship throughout the internship.


June 1- August 1 [Students will arrive in South Africa on June1 and fly home on August 1]


Stellenbosch, South Africa – just outside of Cape Town – hosted by a local ministry, Sports For Christ Action South Africa (SCAS)


To make disciples of Christ to impact the world for God’s kingdom


By implementing wholistic kingdom discipleship and global sports ministry training in a cross-cultural outreach environment. The program is very intensive, averaging about 25% in classroom training and 75% in outreach, discipleship, and personal growth experiences. Participants will experience the following:

  • Hosting two FCA sports camps for 10-14 year old children from diverse backgrounds
  • An 11 day outreach focused on ministry related to the Soccer World Cup*
  • Participating in a rugby chaplaincy outreach (only guys)
  • Whole life coaching in an impoverished township using soccer and other sports
  • Relational development and discipleship through living and working together as a team
  • Classroom structured sports ministry leadership training including modules below:
    • Teambuilding – Biblical Basis for Sports Ministry
    • Explaining the Gospel (Evangelism) – Partnerships
    • Servant Leadership – Cultural Sensitivity

*The IMPACT program involves different outreaches throughout the 9 weeks, but we will have a time period of 11 days specifically dedicated to outreach alone. During these 11 days, interns have 3 options. They can stay in South Africa or travel to Zambia or Brazil. Prices will differ depending on which option is chosen. (See below)

How much?

The prices below include everything except plane tickets, application fee and personal spending money and are subject to

  • Option A) South Africa only (including South Africa outreach): $2350
  • Option B) South Africa + 11 day Brazil Outreach: $2450
  • Option C) South Africa + 11 day Zambia Outreach: $2550
  • Every student will be required to purchase their own round trip ticket to Cape Town, South Africa, which may range in price from $1300-2000.
  • If a student chooses the Zambia option, they also need to purchase an additional plane ticket to Zambia, which may range from $500 – 800.
  • If a student choose the Brazil option, they also need to purchase an additional plane ticket to Brazil, which may range from $1700-2000.


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