FCA incorporated by its founder, Don McClanen. Paul Benedum, Branch Rickey and other Pittsburgh businessmen underwrite the first year’s budget. Charter members included Otto Graham, Carl Erskine, Donn Moomaw and Rickey.
First National Camp at Estes Park, Colo., with 256 athletes and coaches attending. FCA moves its national headquarters from Norman, Okla., to Kansas City, Mo.
The Christian Athlete magazine is first published.
Lake Geneva, Wis., joins Estes Park as the second FCA Camp site.
Bob Stoddard named FCA’s second executive director
James Jeffrey named FCA’s third executive director
Adult Chapter program begins. First National Camp at Black Mountain, N.C.
Huddle program established.
FCA holds eight National Camps with 4,700 participants.
National Coaches Conferences initiated.
FCA holds a record 16 National Camps with more than 7,000 attendees. FCA huddles exceed 1,000.
John Erickson named FCA’s fourth executive director. Huddles exceed 1,500. Adult Chapters grow to 200. Full time-staffers increase to 23.
National Conference Center (NCC) opens near Marshall, Ind. Women’s Ministry established.
National Golf Ministry launches. Huddles increase to 2,000.
FCA staff grows to more than 100. FCA holds 32 National Camps.
National Headquarters Building and Chapel dedicated.
Sharing the VICTORY magazine published, replacing The Christian Athlete.
4,400 official Huddles and 220 FCA employees in 34 states.
National Summer Camps held at 34 sites; 4,300 coaches and spouses at 17 National Coaches meetings.
Dick Abel named FCA’s fifth president/CEO
Four-court indoor gym dedicated at NCC. CHAD principle introduced. Some 40,000 athletes/coaches/adults official FCA members; 275 FCA staff in 42 states; 100,000 student athletes meeting in Huddles during school year.
FCA produces a booklet dealing with drug abuse and introduces the “One Way 2 Play Drug Free” program and charter.
Dal Shealy named FCA’s sixth president/CEO
Camp attendance exceeds 10,000. Huddles top 5,000 for the first time in history.
320 staff members, an all-time high nationally. FCA’s 40th anniversary.
13,048 attend FCA National Camps. FCA becomes established on the World Wide Web at www.fca.org.
One Way to Play-Drug FREE! video is released. FCA celebrates 40 years of Camps at Estes Park, Colo.
FCA presents its mission internationally with the ‘Global Initiative’. Huddles grow to 6,598.
The Home Office announces the plan to more than double the size of the existing building. More than 10,000 golfers take part in the FCA National Golf Scramble.
1999 FCA receives 100,000 One Way 2 Play! commitments.
2000 Vice Presidential candidate Dick Cheney comes to FCA World Headquarters to endorse FCA and One Way 2 Play! program.
-Groundbreaking on World Headquarters building expansion.
2002 Dedication of 59,000-square foot World Headquarters.
-FCA introduces “4 C’s” concept (Coaches, Campus, Camps, Community)
2003 FCA Baseball Ministry launches.
-FCA launches Team FCA membership program.
2004 FCA celebrates 50 years of ministry. Fields of Faith debuts in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.
2005 Les Steckel named seventh FCA President/CEO.
2006  Fields of Faith becomes a national event, with over 50,000 people participating, 4,433 commitments to Christ and 8,019 committing to read their Bible daily.
2007 FCA reaches over two million coaches and athletes through the Four C’s. Sharing the Victory radio program debuts on stations across the United States.
2008 First FCA National College Conference takes place at Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Leaders of Excellence program introduced.
2010 FCA restructures into 11 regions, each under the leadership of a regional vice president. FCA headquarters renamed National Support Center.
2011  FCA Camp Ministry exceeds 350 camps and 50,000 campers. FCA exceeds 1,000 staff members for the first time.
2012 FCA launches FCA International Ministry to reach the world through coaches and athletes. Sharing the Victory magazine becomes FCA Magazine.
2013 FCA divides the globe into 12 Super Regions, each aligned with one of the 12 National Regions to aid in FCA International Ministry efforts. FCA Camp attendance eclipses 59,000 at 423 camps around the world and reaches more than 450,000 on more than 9,000 campuses across America.
2014 FCA celebrates its 60th year of ministry and unveils an updated, freshened logo.