Fields of Hope

November 14, 2009. It was a typical fall evening in Stonewall, La., on an athletic field, much like every other across the South where students of all ages rallied together with friends and families for a single purpose… But it wasn’t football.

The game itself was far from their focus that night. Rather than applauding gridiron glory, the crowd gathered at North Desoto’s second annual Fields of Faith event to watch and celebrate as a number of students gave their lives to the Lord.

“When we started up the event that night, I told everyone how excited we were and that we felt like no one was there by accident,” said Deania McMillian, who, along with Vicki Cabra, serves as a North Desoto FCA Huddle Coach. “We knew that God had brought every one of those kids to Fields of Faith for a specific reason.”

One of those students was North Desoto Middle School football player Justin Bloxom, a friendly 12-year-old widely known on campus for his big heart and contagious smile. After agreeing to go to the event at the invitation of his brother, Tyler, Justin saw for himself the power of God at work in the lives of his classmates, friends and family. Wanting God to move in his life, too, Justin rose from his seat at the end of the evening and walked toward the field where he made his own personal decision to follow Christ.

“We were so excited because there were a lot of kids—including Justin, who came down with a friend—coming forward,” Cabra said. “Justin came straight to me and told me he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart.”

For Amy Bloxom Fletcher, hearing of her son’s decision brought an overwhelming sense of praise and joy into her family’s home that night. Now all four Bloxom boys—Tyler (17), Justin, Dalton (11) and Collin (7)—had made decisions for the Lord.

“I’ll never forget the moment when Justin came home from Fields of Faith,” said Fletcher. “He had accepted Christ during Vacation Bible School years before, but he was so much younger then. This time, his decision was very real to him.”

The simplicity and casual nature of FCA’s Fields of Faith events, held across the nation on the second Wednesday of every October*, went a long way in helping Justin overcome the apprehension he’d been feeling about beginning a personal relationship with Christ.

“He’d told me he’d wanted to come forward during church, but since we’re an older congregation, he felt embarrassed about doing it in front of everybody,” Fletcher said. “I think being around all of his friends that night and kids his own age made the difference. He was so excited.”

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  1. Jim Peila on

    Just this week we lost a Jr. High boy to suicide (possibly, a bully issue). This boy was liked by all his peers and his death was a shock to all the community. Justin’s story was an encouragement of hope and challenge of, How am I going to live differently from here on? I hope to use Justin’s story to share with my high school and jr. high youth group, that there is hope.


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