The Automatic Monthly Partner (AMP) Plan is a convenient and easy method of making monthly donations to FCA. Your contributions for charitable giving are made safely, quickly and automatically to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ bank by monthly transfer between your checking, savings or credit card account. This giving method not only saves you time and eliminates the hassle of check writing, it also helps FCA utilize your gifts to have the most impact on ministry. It provides a predictable monthly income for our staff.

Advantages of Automatic Monthly Donations to FCA:

  • There are no fees or hidden charges to you, your checking, savings or credit card account for this service. To FCA, there is no cost for check processing, but there is a credit card processing fee.
  • If you donate from your checking account, you choose the specific amount of money you want automatically transferred from your bank account. This will happen within a few days of your initial transaction and then on the 20th day of each month thereafter.
  • If you give from your credit card, the first charge will happen the day that you sign up for AMP. Your credit card will then be automatically charged on the 20th day of each month, beginning the following month.
  • You can easily change your gift amount or cancel the plan by emailing FCA’s Receipting Department
  • Financial donations to FCA are eligible for tax-deductions.


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