Our partnership with iDonate allows you to easily donate cars, trucks, boats, cell phones, real estate and inventory to FCA.

  • To learn more about donating a car (or any vehicle), read below.
  • To learn more about donating boats, cell phones, real estate and inventory, visit iDonate.

Vehicle Donation to FCA

Thank you for your interest in donating a vehicle to FCA! We appreciate your desire to assist our sports ministry through vehicle donation. There are four possibilities for donors to consider based on their vehicle, situation, and desire. Donors receive a tax deduction for each of the four options.

1. FCA liquidates and sells the donated vehicle through our partner iDonate

This is a good option for donors who are looking to get rid of a vehicle (including boats and RVs) with minimal involvement and optimal convenience. iDonate will arrange for pick up and liquidation of the vehicle with the proceeds benefiting FCA. Due to the additional fees of using iDonate, it is recommended that this option be used only for vehicles that will sell for over $1,000. Complete the iDonate form and get the process started.

2. Donor sells the vehicle

For those who want their gift to make the greatest possible impact and do not mind some extra effort, donors can sell their vehicle independently or take to a junk yard for lower-value vehicles, then give all or a portion of the sale to FCA. This is considered a cash donation.

3. Donor gives vehicle to FCA for staff use

A donor’s local FCA staff member may be in need of a vehicle for ministry use. This is considered an ‘in-kind’ donation. Please contact Raymond Turner at rturner@fca.org or 816-892-1121 if you are interested in donating a vehicle for staff use.

4. Donor gives vehicle to FCA to sell

If the local FCA staff member is willing and able to sell the vehicle, the donor can sign the vehicle over to FCA and then deduct the actual sale price of the vehicle for tax purposes.

Questions? Please contact Heather Williams in the Donor Services Department: hwilliams@fca.org or 816-892-1115.